Hi, we’re ThinkEQ, and we’re building a digital tool designed to help cultivate inclusive workplaces where diversity thrives, biases are acknowledged and addressed, and every employee has the opportunity to excel.

By leveraging workshop frameworks, resources, and interactive features, our tool will equip organisations with the knowledge and techniques needed to tackle unconscious biases, build cultural competence, and embrace allyship. Plus, it provides teams with invaluable data-driven insights to make informed decisions for a more inclusive and successful workplace.

We need you!

As a member of our pilot programme, you can begin to empower your team to foster collaboration, spur innovation, and enhance employee well-being.

Our mission is to unite people in the digital realm, whether they work remotely or on-site, through a platform that promotes learning, engagement, and actionable insights.

Join us in creating more inclusive workplaces for a better tomorrow.

Why join the pilot programme?

    Benefits for Employers

  • Provide valuable feedback during the pilot to help shape the app’s features.
  • Be an early adopter of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration that sets the industry standard.
  • Put yourself ahead of the competition with insights that improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.
  • Improve operational efficiency by rethinking and improving operations.
  • Take advantage of innovation and technology to improve your brand’s image.
  • Connect with like-minded businesses to foster collaboration and partnerships.
  • Take an active role in shaping your industry’s future by demonstrating thought leadership and commitment.
  • Get early access to exclusive features that will give your business an edge.

    Benefits for Employees

  • Engages employees in creating a more innovative, inclusive, and happy workplace.
  • Gain the opportunity to provide feedback through the tool, allowing them to have a direct impact on improving workplace inclusivity.
  • Put yourself ahead of the competition with insights that improve operational efficiency and enhance customer experience.
  • Connect remotely with each other, fostering collaboration and partnerships that lead to professional growth.
  • Opportunities to acquire new skills, enhance their existing ones, and boost career growth
  • Confidence that their viewpoints will be embraced as well as listened to
  • A sense of value and recognition for their personal and professional achievements
  • Be empowered, no matter what their background, identity or circumstances

How the pilot programme works

Sign Up
Express your interest by registering for the pilot programme.
Early Access
Gain exclusive access to our first iteration of Whakaru and explore its features.
Provide Feedback
Share your insights and suggestions to shape the product’s development.
Engage with us to fine-tune features and functionalities.
Witness Transformation
See your input to transform the app from a pilot to a final product.

Ready to lead the change?