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3 things I learned in my first month at EQ

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It can be daunting starting a new job at the best of times. But when you can’t meet your new colleagues face to face, it adds even more pressure.

Luckily for me, the team at EQ have been working together (remotely) for months and have mastered the art of distance-collaboration. Daily zoom calls, group chats on Whatsapp and military level organisation keep projects moving and productivity high.

But I believe there’s more to it than this. There’s something about the culture of the business that just feels different to anywhere I’ve worked previously.  The answer, I feel lies in our EQ or Emotional Intelligence.

Here are 3 things I learned about EQ in my first month…

1. We’re a positively positive group of individuals
What struck me first was how happy and positive everyone is. The daily zoom briefing is more than a time to talk over work-flow and deadlines. This is the queue at the water cooler or the huddle around the kettle in the morning. Having a routine start to the day where laughter is shared keeps everyone in the best frame of mind to be able to produce great work.

2. We have a child-like curiosity
The team at EQ are genuinely curious about each other. This curiosity is a product of empathy and underpins the structures and frameworks that guide us on our daily projects. Kids ask the best questions because they just want to understand. It feels like there is a culture of playful curiosity that galvanises the team and creates a really happy working environment. Creativity is never found in a vacuum, so maintaining a fun and friendly working environment is crucial to having a happy team, and in turn, happy clients.

3. We adapt to the unknown
The world is pretty unpredictable at the moment, so we must be able to pivot and adapt to the changes around us. At EQ the team is constantly experimenting and finding new systems or ways to work. Whether that be a better plug-in to replace an old, or new piece of software to improve collaboration, we’re never set in old concrete ways of seeing.

Recently I found myself driving a forklift truck for work. It’s not something I’d ever imagined I’d do, but I managed to adapt and thrive in that role. And now, I’m working remotely with a group of local folks making websites and cool things for brands.

Things change, and so must we to avoid being left behind. As I continue to learn more about EQ, both the company and the concept, I’ll be writing monthly blogs where I look in far more depth about how it can be applied to branding and marketing.

I hope you’ll join me on my journey to EQ enlightenment!

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