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Letting emojis do the talking

Letting emojis do the talking

We love emojis, and we’re writing this blog with a smile(y). We are all familiar with emojis; if you’re not, then this blog post probably isn’t for you… soz 😬

So, when it comes to your marketing, is it time to mix it up a bit? 

Are your messages not being perceived the way you want them to be? Maybe you should introduce the odd emoji – as long as they are used properly, they can be a great asset in brand communication. 

Emojis are a great way to build relationships with your audience, as they show a little bit about who you are as a brand and demonstrate that you are honest and approachable. There are so many you can choose from that you’re bound to find an emoji that suits exactly what your message is trying to say with a completely honest (or sarcastic) expression. 

Using emojis in your marketing

The majority of the time, we see Emojis used when we’re targeting millennials. The simple smiley face gets the attention of younger audiences. This isn’t to say that anyone over that age group doesn’t know how to use emojis.

To put it simply, context and knowing your audience are what counts. Don’t bombard your audience with random emojis. You have to know your audience.

The marketing content has to be relevant and align with the brand, the message, and your company’s values. If it’s not, any marketing messages won’t feel authentic.

Take a personal approach

Potential customers can be turned away by the overly formal tone of your marketing messages. For your existing audience, appealing to the human side allows you to connect with them and grow your relationships.

Be honest

The purpose of emojis is to connect you with your audience, so whatever emojis you choose to use, the text and supported emoji must come across as honest, or your audience won’t relate.  

Sometimes, less words, more emojis

If we see a large chunk of text with no accompanying visual aspect, we may be less motivated to engage with and read it. Emojis allow you to break up long sentences and add a sense of humour. 

Did you know that the emoji smiley face can activate the same parts of the brain as a real human smile?

Smiley Emoji

Over to you

Emojis are a quick and easy way to give your marketing a personal touch. If you’ve been looking for ways to make your brand feel a little bit more relatable – emojis are the way to go 🙌🏼 

A great place to start? 

Social media. You can encourage engagement by asking your followers to use an emoji when they respond to your post. 

It can be as simple as asking your followers to let you know if something relates to them by using an emoji or a comment. 

If you’re nosey like us, you might also ask a more open-ended question like “what’s your favourite drink?” and let them use emojis to tell you. (Ours is coffee, in case you were wondering).☕️

Make sure to do your research, get creative, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Embrace emojis if they’re appropriate for your brand, are used by your audience, and can’t be misinterpreted. 

You can even make your own emojis with bitmoji and show your personality. We did. Visit our socials to check them out!


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