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We are EQ: The story behind the launch

We are EQ

Before we even launched EQ, we’d worked together on dozens of projects.

Scratch that: hundreds of them.

The point is that we’re not a new team; we’re just a new business. We’ve already built all of that trust, understanding and support that great teams need in order to do groundbreaking work.

The one thing we haven’t done before now is to venture out under our own banner. By launching EQ, we’ve defined our own values, crafted our own identity, and sketched out our own path in the ever-changing business world.

But what is that identity? Below, we’ll explain in detail what EQ is about, how it was formed, and what the future looks like when you think EQ.

What is EQ?

EQ is a new specialist creative and web agency based in the North West.

The name ‘EQ’ comes from the way we measure emotional intelligence. And that’s exactly what EQ is all about: solving problems by putting emotional engagement and people back at the heart of our clients and their brands.

You see, our mission is to be more than just another web agency. Our process is different from anything else that’s available to UK businesses at the moment because we combine data with design to drive strategies that respond directly to behavioural insights. By collecting information on how your customers interact with your products or website and applying best-in-class design principles, we can see the whole picture — and transform your business for the better.

Here’s our CEO Drshna Vara to explain it in her own words:
“The team and I are delighted to enter the market under the EQ banner. Having provided a creative and web support function for Bring Digital for the last 5 years, we’re excited to step out on our own, whilst still enjoying the infrastructure and support of Bring Digital and the group.

“I have a strong vision for the growth and development of the agency, and I’m supported by an incredibly talented team. The future looks bright, and I’m certain our clients are going to love the journey.”

Where did EQ come from?

EQ has been in the works for quite a while. For the five years before we even launched, EQ has been an ethos; it’s been our way of working together as a team and what has ultimately set us apart as a future-thinking agency.

If you’re already a client of ours, you’ll probably have heard of Bring Digital. They’re one of 2019’s top 50 digital agencies in the North of England, specialising in acquisition marketing via channels like SEO, PPC, content marketing and affiliate marketing.

But despite their many successes the team behind Bring Digital didn’t want to settle. Instead, they spotted a fantastic opportunity within the Bring Digital ranks. They saw a creative and web team with their own mission, with a relentless approach to problem-solving, and with a culture of excellence.

That team was us.

Here’s the EQ team as it stands so far:

  • Drshna is our CEO. She’s the mastermind behind the ‘big picture’ for EQ, and her high expectations are matched only by her ability to provide all the direction her team needs to do extraordinary work.
  • Lisa and Rich are our designers. They get to grips with understanding not just what a client wants but who they are and how best to represent that. They pair graphic design skills with advanced UX principles and behavioural research to create websites and brands that have a genuine connection with customers.
  • Andy and Will are our web developers. They’ve got the technical know-how to take the ideas that the designers have crafted and bring them to life online. They’re multilingual, fluent in a multitude of programming languages so they can build anything you can think of. We’ve heard Andy learned French at school, too.
  • Matt is our account manager here at EQ. He’s in charge of making sure things run smoothly from start to finish, making sure you get a final product that you’ll love. He loves to speak to clients like you about their visions for their businesses and working with the rest of the team to make it a reality.
Looking ahead

We’re right at the beginning of our journey, but we’ve already got pretty ambitious plans for EQ going forward. We’re ready to create meaningful brands, win awards and –most importantly — transform businesses.

The most exciting thing is having the support of the team behind Bring to help us achieve our vision.

“This is an exciting opportunity for a talented team of creative and technical staff to create a unique service proposition under a fresh new brand,” says Bring Digital’s founder and Managing Director, David Ingram.

“Myself and the board have full faith that Drshna and her team will be able to make a huge impact on the market and provide clients with a truly exceptional creative and web partnership.”

So for our clients, not a lot has changed. They still get the same great service from the same great people.

The most important thing is that we’re trying something new, which means we’re going to learn new things. And when we’re learning new things, we’re going to get better at trying new things.

In the end, that’s going to set us apart from the crowd.

Here’s to the journey!

We connect emotion with design, discover what counts and focus on what matters.
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