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Here at EQ, our creative ideas will always put your customer first. I can say that wholeheartedly because we focus on people and brand first.

A brand isn’t a logo. We don’t value a person based merely on how they look. A brand is your personality, and that’s what people trust. For a business to engage in an evolving world, they need to evolve too, investing in and feeding their brand.

So, because we have adopted a people-centred approach, we’re simply unable to do our best work without understanding you as a brand – it’s something we do whatever your requirements, regardless of whether we are developing your brand identity or not.

If your brand is defined, we ensure we have a full understanding before we do anything else, after all – we love getting to know our customers. Or if you need help bringing everything together, we’ll work with you to define who you are, because your reputation and personality is what people will remember about you.

We believe in the importance of a brand you can live, breathe and become.

When we create brand guidelines, they are not a list of instructions, they are developed for you and your team to encompass and interpret, rather than rigidly follow.

If you’d like to chat about branding, please get in touch. We’d love to make you a coffee and chat.

We connect emotion with design, discover what counts and focus on what matters.
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