We were approached by Loxie, a brand new UK-based strategic design, collaboration, and delivery agency with a clear mission—to transform health and living through innovative design and outside-the-box thinking.

As a shiny new innovator looking to rewrite the rules, they needed a brand identity to match their groundbreaking ideas whilst reflecting their expertise in building digital and civic infrastructure.

The problem

The problem

In the industry as it stands Is competitive. To make their mark, Loxie had to get creative and make some noise.
As a startup in a competitive market where conventional design approaches often dominate, Loxie faced the challenge of standing out.
Communicating their commitment to unconventional thinking and fresh perspectives proved a significant challenge.

Crafting an impactful visual identity

Crafting an impactful visual identity

Bold fonts, abstract graphics—this style was anything but business as usual.

The collaborative process gave insights into Loxie's core values, target audience, and market positioning.

Loxie's ethos is reflected in an iconic visual language that uses vibrant colours and contemporary design elements.
Loxie communicates its values effectively through a visually cohesive brand identity positioned for growth and innovation.

A bold leap into the future

A bold leap into the future

Now the Loxie crew has an image as daring as their vision. The bold branding means Loxie won't be fading into the background anytime soon. They're poised to stir things up. Potential clients and collaborators recognize Loxie as a disruptor, attracting attention and interest.

New brand identity generated curiosity and engagement, creating more inquiries and collaboration opportunities.

Emma Ingham, Co-founder of Loxie says: ThinkEQ immediately understood out vision and translated our overexcited-chatter into something tangible. They just ‘got’ us (I imagine they’re excellent at ‘getting’ most people), and they quickly transformed our vision and our rough mood-board into the Loxie brand we have today. We couldn’t love it, or the team at ThinkEQ, more.

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