We were tasked to redesign a platform and website to help position SpaMedica as a high quality, patient-focused, expert provider of ophthalmology services for NHS patients.

Web Design


Their SpaMedica website was generating poor leads with very low engagement levels. The mobile experience was poor, and patients were also calling to request information and mentioning that the levels of content on the site were hard to find.

Key goals were focused around increasing traffic and engagement, while focusing on a patient-led user experience, by providing them with a range of information and reassurance on the various ophthalmology services available, whilst catering for a variety of other audience groups including family, carers, optometrists and GPs.



Our journey with SpaMedica began by holding a branding workshop with all SpaMedica stakeholders and patients. This helped us uncover what mattered to each audience group: patients wanted to feel safe and understand the process; consultants wanted to show they were the top specialist in their field, staff wanted to shout about how proud they are to work there.

We discovered that the treatments are literally life-changing for SpaMedica patients. And that's the message we brought online.



Understanding, combined with creativity and tailor-made navigation, meant we created a website that focused on the stories behind the experience, with patient information and reassurance at the forefront.

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The new website was a resounding success and continues to deliver results.

  • 84%

    increased engagement YOY

  • 56%

    increase in site visits YOY, within 6 months of launch

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