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Cracking the web design trends code in 2022 (the EQ way!)

In essence, your website is your company’s “front door” for prospective customers. 

Web design is rapidly evolving and innovating with cutting-edge technologies. One thing we always aim to do is keep up to date with the latest trends of web design, and ensure we keep current for our clients. 

Some may say we just try to pretend we are ‘cool’ (but actually, we are!). 😉

SO! We did a bit of digging, and we’re sharing with you ten predicted design trends that you may see in 2022 and beyond. Some are fairly new, some have been around for a while, but all of them have a proven track record of making websites stand out from the crowd.

Web designing is all about being user-friendly. So while there may be some slightly edgy new trends that we are going to share with you, the most important web design elements will remain the same. 

𝟭 White Space 

When it comes to the visual aspect of web design, you’ll likely see a continuing trend towards simplicity, minimalism and intentional white space. 

By using white space strategically, designers can keep their page layout simple, helping users to focus on important pieces of content. Interestingly, white space doesn’t have to actually be white, it can be any colour, provided it’s “empty”.

𝟮 Dark Mode

Now, let’s move from the light side to the dark. More than ever before, designers are falling in love with dark colour schemes for the websites they create.

A dark mode design can offer a striking, visually appealing alternative to more traditional colour schemes. It can also minimise eye strain for your users, and help to highlight the content and imagery that you want to emphasise on the page.

𝟯 Interactive Content

People can’t get enough of interactive content. Whether it’s a quiz, a poll, an online calculator, or something else, users are attracted to websites that feature engaging, relevant, and valuable interactive content. 

So, expect to see designers making use of interactive content as part of their approach in 2022, and in the years to come. 

𝟒 Bold Colours

We hate to talk about the pandemic, but after 2020, we all need positivity and joy in our lives. That’s part of the reason why you might’ve seen bold and bright colours a lot in 2021 and potentially even more in 2022. Each colour sends a subliminal message to users and has a specific meaning in psychology. We always do our research when it comes to deciding on colours, and we also make sure they’re representing the brand and their values effectively too.

𝟓  Interactive 3D elements

Interactive 3D elements will help guide a user through the website, making their journey much more intuitive and therefore effortless.

𝟲 Augmented reality (AR)

AR has the potential to change the way that we interact with websites, and is already starting to positively impact user experience on desktop and mobile. 

Many e-commerce web designers have been implementing AR more and more in recent years. Like making use of webcams or smartphone cameras to help consumers choose their products. A great example of this is being able to try on glasses via AR before you buy them online.

The world is our oyster really as far as AR is concerned, and we can only see it getting used more and more.

𝟳 Micro Animations

Scrapping video and introducing micro animations? What are those? Well, GIFs are one great example. Micro Animations will essentially enhance the user experience and prompt website visitors to take action.

𝟖 Use of Full-Width Images

This trend is one that is predicted to stay. Images stretching from edge to edge on your device screen have been around for a while now, and we don’t see the trend stopping anytime soon. Why change something that works so well?

These days, all websites must also be responsive to smaller screens, so make sure any images you use are responsive to smartphones and tablets. In fact – you should be designing mobile first! Always, always mobile first!

𝟵 Illustrations

The use of Illustrations is increasing, with larger companies, supermarkets and insurance companies incorporating custom illustrations into their website designs and marketing materials. Be careful though, your illustrative style needs to be purposeful and right for your brand! Don’t jump on the bandwagon without thinking it through folks!

𝟭𝟬 Voice Search Technology

We are all familiar with Alexa, Siri and friends! 

Some might argue that we are all becoming lazy when it comes to technology – which is why there is predicted to be a rise in voice search technology in 2022 when it comes to web design. 

It’s expected that many businesses will want to include long-tail keywords based on how people “speak” rather than how they “type” (afterall, typing takes longer than speaking).

When their answer is only a sentence away, people tend to choose the easier path. If we had to choose between typing and speaking a query like “which is the second-highest mountain peak in the world after Mount Everest,” we all would choose the latter. 

Let’s round it up! 

Which ones do you think will be staying and which ones do you think we will be seeing? Let us know! Or even better, let us design your website for you! 🤩 

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